Empowering women to respond to their reality: by recognizing their skills and providing opportunity.


Women’s Circle (Mahila Mandal)

Our Satya believes in gathering women leaders to instigate change.

When invited by the local government to understand the needs of local communities, rural women gathered to ask for skills training in the form of textile arts. In order to sustain this opportunity, Our Satya has launched a line of accessories entitled Her Vision. The accessories are crafted by our women’s circle/mahila mandhal.

The title of these accessories directly reflects the momentum of the community to set their own parameters and priorities. Women are determining their own terms of employment (hours and days worked), and are able to focus on health priorities such as food security within their villages.

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Daily Wage Earning (Rojgar)

Our Satya believes in the importance of providing community based employment and opportunity.

Supporting their nuclear family as well as the larger community, women are responsible for the household, tending to children and elders, animal husbandry and traditional farming. Additionally, a woman fills the absence of her spouse and/or children who are gone in search of seasonal work, by working laborious jobs such as road building and construction in order to ensure a daily wage.

By providing women with the opportunity to be employed within their own community, they are able to simultaneously support the health and wellness of their families while receiving skills training and financial literacy training.