Documentary : ‘Her’ Voice

By weaving together stories of women and their lived experiences with early marriage, being a girl child, the pressure to conceive, and the journey of motherhood, Our Satya presents ‘Her’ Voice…

Documentary title: ‘Her’ Voice
Length: 13 minutes and 50 seconds
Filmed in 2015
Released in 2016
Directed by Shobha K. Sharma
Cinematography and Editing by Saurabh Vyas

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Capturing the colours, simplicity, and brilliance of life in rural India, this documentary shares stories of birth and new life through the voices of women and their lived experiences. Unraveling stories of great joy and overwhelming loss, ‘Her’ Voice, documents the anguish, fear and frustrations associated with early marriage, gender inequality, caste discrimination, poverty and unequal access, within one of the most isolated regions in India. Experiencing their stories of abandonment and mortality and witnessing their cultural and social discrimination, these women cope with their hardship with unexplainable grace, compelling acceptance, and profound humility.


In sharing this documentary, Our Satya would like to raise awareness and support for outreach in the areas of Education, Empowerment and Health & Wellness.